Le Protected Wiki

The power to control all diseases, viruses, bacteria and infectious agent.

Also Called

  • Bacteria Manipulation/Bacterial Manipulation
  • Germ Manipulation
  • Illness Manipulation
  • Nosokinesis
  • Sickness Manipulation
  • Virokinesis


The user can create, manipulate, shape, transform, cause/heal, etc. all forms of diseases, including their severity, contagiousness, methods of spreading, etc. They can control the organisms that spread diseases, including germs, bacteria, virus or other pathogen on a cellular level, including bacteriophages, microorganisms (microscopic organisms), retroviruses, cells that abnormally grow to make cancerous tumors and cysts, and pathogens that produce genetic mutations.


  • Disease Mimicry – mimic the traits of any sort of disease.
  • Genetic Disintegration – using diseases to rend asunder life giving inherent chains.
  • Infection Empowerment – Strengthen oneself via personal affliction or through contagion spreading.
  • Microbial Communication - Gain a better handle of controlling and understanding various infections.
  • Mutation Inducement – Cause biological abnormalities to occur via virus/bacteria.


  • Pathogen Manipulation


  • Biological Manipulation
  • Filth Manipulation
  • Health Manipulation
  • Immune System Manipulation
  • Infestation
  • Organic Manipulation
  • Pestilence Inducement
  • Poison Manipulation
  • Zombification


  • Users may not be immune to their own diseases.
  • Users may become carriers to their own fatal illnesses, spreading it unwillingly through the community.
  • Healing can remove diseases.
  • Users of Enhanced Immunity and Omni-Immunity are either immune or highly resistant.
  • Enhanced Regeneration defeats this by simply recovering.

Known Users

  • Elena