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Power to perceive future events before they happen. Opposite power of Retrocognition.

Also Called

  • Inner Eye
  • Foresight
  • Fortunetelling
  • Premonition
  • Second Sight
  • Sixth Sense


Users have the ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen. As knowledge of the future invariably causes that future to change, visions of the future are subject to frequent shifting. While not being able to select futures or travel through time, these visions may assist in possible courses of action.


  • Abacomancy: To see the future in dust, smoke, or sand.
  • Accelerated Probability: To predict the outcome of events
  • Astrological Divination (also known as Stargazing): To identify the future by observing celestial entities. When the user watches the clear night sky their mind psychically calculates the starry array yielding ominous or hopeful prospects.
  • Cartomancy: Gain future events using cards.
  • Danger Intuition: To see into the immediate future, user has no direct control over the power and is only triggered when there is immediate danger.
  • Death Sense: To detect who was going to die and when their death will occur, but may or may not be to prevent it.
  • Destiny Perception: To perceive the destiny/fate.
  • Divination: Gain insight of the future events by the use of occult ritual.
  • Empathic Precognition: To receive precognitive flashes of the future when exposed to extreme emotion.
  • Flash Precognition: To see things seconds or minutes before they happen.
  • Numerology: To predict the future and as well as influence it with the use of mathematics, user can read the future with numbers.
  • Precognitive Artistry: To paint, draw, or sketch the future subconsciously. The user can trigger the power by entering some sort of trance paint what they are "seeing" on a blank canvas/paper.
  • Precognitive Crafting: To craft the future subconsciously.
  • Precognitive Dreaming: To perceive future in dreams, whether symbolic, direct or from the perspective of another being.
  • Precognitive Speech: To predict the future by speech.
  • Premonition (also known as Presentiment): To gain information about future events that is perceived as emotion.
  • Time-Space Synesthesia:To transform music into visions of the future


  • Astral Projection
  • Magic
  • Psychometry
  • Spiritual Powers


  • Precognitive Immunity makes the user unseen in any and/or various predictions.
  • May require being in a trance, asleep or unconscious to see the future.
  • Foretelling may be an involuntary action happening unexpectedly.
  • May only be able to see destiny, being unable to change events.
  • Visions may be more similar to dreams, difficult to remember, or decipher.
  • May be behave like a reverse memory, wherein the nearest futures or most important future events are the most vivid.
  • May be limited by how far into the future they can see.
  • Can cause great strain to the user's mind.
  • May be uncontrollable and unpredictable.
  • May only be able to see a certain aspect of the future.