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Kinetic Energy Manipulation is the ability that allows the user with this power, manipulating the speed of moving objects, creating a kind of projectiles that can destroy solid structures. 

General information

The only person who has demonstrated this ability was Judith , who was trained by her father has used this power only for giving him orders . With this power, you can make as small as marbles, objects can be thrown at speeds impossible for a normal human being, you can  does this by loading the objects with a large load of kinetic energy , it causes when the object is launched to make contact with any type of structure, instantly giving a break projectile effect , which causes whereby contact is broken instantly.


This is likely to have several limitations, then detailing some of these : *This power may only work with small objects.

  • You can easily be countered by another power like telekinesis.
  • This power may only be useful with marbles .
  • In combat, power is a bit slow because while judith throw attempts , you may receive an attack.