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Cryo-Mimicry is the ability to transform the body or parts of it, on ice, this power is a power sub Crioquinesis as it is one of the branches of Nevis. 

General Information

Nieves, proved to have this power when I try to pet a cat, but apparently, it is not known if active for fear freeze him or when he felt when the cat licked her hand, indicating that perhaps this power is activated or fear or touching something cold.His power returned to normal once helped her snake pet the cat, demonstrating that she should be calm and relaxed so you do not activate this power. 


Nieves, one can freeze a part of your body so far, it is possible that over time, she can transform your body completely on ice ..When Nieves uses this branch of his power, his skin is shown to be the only thing freezes, and when his hand froze, she could still move, so it is logical that the body part almost as vulnerable as if it were crioquinetico state.


This ability is likely to be both a derivation, as a power of its own, as can be derived from the Crioquinesis, which involves freezing things by touching them, so maybe is a preview of that power, or also a subset power, which would be used as a power own individual, as is the case with other termoquinesis porderes like it would be a possibly subpoder piroquinesis and electroquinesis.



Nieves is the only one in the series that has demonstrated this ability, and only been used once on screen, although it is likely that as active by fear, she has already been able to freeze your hand or other body parts before .


  • Snow can melt his own hand at will, because when the cat is going to play again, he looks normal again hand.
  • It seems that one can freeze your skin when you activate this power.
  • This is likely to have its own sub sub power, or at least its own branch, which would termoquinesis and it would be a limited termoquinesis because the user might melt his frozen body.

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