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The ability to manipulate time.


Also Called

  • Chrono Control
  • Chrono Force
  • Chronokinesis
  • Temporal Control
  • Temporal Manipulation
  • Time Control
  • Time Warping


The user can manipulate the time in general area or a specific target in various manners, the basics revolving around accelerating, slowing, stopping and even rewinding or looping. The range of area affected is proportional to the mastery of the user, with top levels can affect the entire space and time continuum. Since "time" exists and flows within "space", the two are interrelated, and by manipulating time, one is basically distorting space proportionally. The effects of this relative distortion can vary, such as controlling time of a mere object or person may not affect the space they reside in, but to twist the time-stream of a region of space can cause the area itself to warp. Due to time existing in one space, manipulating it cannot affect another dimension.


  • Chronokinetic Combat
  • Inevitable Event Creation
  • Temporal Slicing
  • Time Perception Manipulation
  • Time Physiology
  • VariationsEdit
  • Time Embodiment


  • Chronolock by placing oneself outside space-time continuum.
  • Clock Manipulation
  • Future-Probability Manipulation
  • Event Recreation
  • Nigh Omniscience
  • Portal Creation
  • Season Manipulation
  • Temporal Lordship
  • Temporal Monster Physiology
  • Temporal Presence
  • Time-Window Alteration
  • Time-Window Creation
  • User who can also use Spatial Manipulation are able to learn Space-Time Manipulation.


  • May have limited ability in both the length of time and area they can affect.
  • Users of Chronolock are immune to this power.

Known Users

  • Leo